Friday, August 13, 2010


(by R.P.Edwards)

If some could speak
Without the bleep
Would we listen…so?
With salty “say”
And nasty bray
We blush…
But want to know
And so to these
Of verbal sleaze
An answer
Clean…I hope
Were you an orphan
Raised by pigs
Or had your mom
…no soap?

What do master chef, Gordon Ramsay, and ex-governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich have in common?  The f-word, among other seasoned spewings.

Curious how profanity gets our attention.  I suppose it titillates and teases, especially when the offensive noun/verb is covered with a “Bleep!”  But, I’ve noticed, when the raunch launcher is an expert at something; someone at the top of his game; a man (or woman [heaven forbid!]) with few peers; well…we give them a pass.  “Wow, that chef Ramsay has a foul mouth.  But he sure can cook!”

Now, consider my former governor, Rod Blagojevich.  In public the polished politico is smooth and sweet; disarming and debonair but, once his phone conversations became public (I looked a few up) well, let’s just say…they’re a bit saucy.

So, what’s one difference between the two (aside from the legal aspect)?  Transparency.  Yes, it appears the rough and gruff Scotsman lives in the place many politicians only aspire to.  In other words: no façade.

Suggestion:  After Mr. B does his penance, perhaps he can have a reality show (you know it’s coming) where he doesn’t have to pretend anymore.  And, on said “show,” perhaps the salty chef could make a foul-mouthed cameo.  It might be mildly amusing watching them lambaste each other and, I might even watch it….as long as the censor liberally applies the “bleep!”


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