Sunday, January 10, 2010

Remember Abortion

Under our Noses
(by R.P.Edwards)

Underneath our noses
Underneath our street
Underneath our country’s shoes
Our walking…righteous feet
Hear them from the sewers
The children’s blood
It cries
Begging God for justice
No matter of…the why
Not careful of the reason
Not tender to the need
The done is murdered millions
The innocent…that bleed
So ponder…you who ponder
Before you have your say
Before you cast your ballot
Before your homage pay
Remember He who holds you
That judgment He must mete
For stand, He will
For children
Who plead…beneath the street

Her name is Abby Johnson.  A Christian lady.  Used to be a director at a Planned Parenthood  clinic.  Saw an ultrasound of a baby being aborted.  Changed her mind.  Realized…it was murder.

I would like to write lighter fare, but reminders are necessary.  Like the pesky editorial in the New England journal that, incessantly, reminded those who had never even seen a slave…that slavery existed…and that it was evil.  So too, in our day, abortion--the murder of children--continues to go on, and continues to drag us down into the proverbial pit. 

I’ll not waste time by arguing with the non-Christian.  Believe what you will.  But, to the one who names the name of Christ; who holds on to His blood stained cross; who calls upon His precious name…you should pause a moment to consider.  Consider this thing that you unwittingly link…with the lovely.  Remember that there were those who sang the songs of Zion, and then went, with clear conscience, to check on the status of their dark skinned “property.”  However, they didn’t perceive that He; He who they considered “on board” with their aberrant theology; they didn’t realize that “His” aid could not accompany a cause that was not only unjust, but evil. And their decisions, “without” His aid…ultimately brought ruin.

And so, in our day, we have another great sin to contend with; and it again involves the value of human life.  This time, however, the value is not found in servitude…but in death.  And today, as then, there are those who believe that “their” God will sustain and support their cause. 

I suppose what I’m saying is this; in all our talking about Tea Parties, and Taxes, and Cap n Trade, and EPA, and Obamacare, and terrorist’s underwear; let us remember that the way out of our modern morass is to sincerely seek and elicit the aid of the one who sees the end, from the beginning.  And, without question, part of that “seeking” is to oppose that which He hates…and cannot bless.  Abortion.

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

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