Friday, January 8, 2010

Oh, to see Clearly

Cat Sense
(by R.P.Edwards)

You see it clearly
You know its there
I…see nothing
Just a cat…with a stare
But your sense is different
Fine-tuned for the catch
Crafted for cunning
A mousling…to snatch
So I’ll trust your weird waiting
Perhaps aid ‘gainst the foe
With a trap in the corner
Where toes oughn’t…go

The long steady stare.  The twitching tail.  Perched…patiently.  The miniature lion…on the hunt.  Yeah, the cat in the kitchen, eyeing that spot between the stove and the counter.  We use this slot for some rather large cutting boards, but apparently there’s some other doings in there.  Perhaps a bug of some sort, but most likely a field mouse…not in the field. 

Perception.  And it’s close cousin…wisdom.  We’ve often heard that the more you know…the more you realize how little you know.  The same goes for “seeing.”  Over time I have become aware (with the aid of others, thank you so much) that I have certain blind spots in my vision.  Some of it is inherent in males (my wife says, “Men scan.  Women actually ‘look,’) but most of it is natural.  Frankly, we are not designed, individually, to know it all, see it all.  We need, if we are wise, to rely on others for their “different” take, view, perception.  Yes, knowing that you don’t know…is a step in the right direction of …taking ‘right’ steps.

You know, this perception thing; that’s what concerns me about the leaders we choose.  Call me naïve, but I honestly think that politicians that are so wrong when it comes to the value of human life and relationships…well, I wonder…what else are they ‘not’ seeing.  And, to say, as some say, that these “high thinkers” can guide us wisely on other issues when they are so blind to the basics; to me that’s just wishful thinking.  Excuse a religious moment:  The Bible says, “The fear of the Lord…is the beginning of wisdom.”
In other words: begin acknowledging someone greater than yourself.  With that starting place…then there is the possibility of real hope.

Just heard the clatter of the cat.  Must check the battlefield.

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

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