Friday, January 22, 2010

Elite Mystique

The Elite
(by R.P.Edwards)

Lifted brows
And upturned snoz
To the left
On any cause
Boasting of their
Lofty view
Give me someone
Big of heart
And average brain
Knowing truth
And right
And wrong
Not dependant
On the throng
Wisdom’s birth
Is found beyond
The realm …of earth

I never saw the Exorcist (70’s flick having to do with demon possession), but I recall someone saying there was a particular scene where projectile vomit was involved.  The pea-soup variety.  Well, the other day my possessed vehicle (“possessed” by an ignorant owner) proceeded to violently spew a greenish liquid at me, causing some of it to soil my uniform of flannel…and jeans. 

You see, I had purchased a new radiator cap (suspecting the old one was shot) and, having let the engine run a good while, I then turned it off and sought to make sure said cap was tight (Yes…I was aware of the whole “Hot” coolant thing [ignorant, but not THAT ignorant])  Anyway, I was doing the righty-tighty maneuver, but instead of coming to a “stop,” it freewheeled to “open”  and then violently upchucked.  I danced quickly out of the way but, alas, some splashed on the aforementioned clothing articles and I had to (sigh) change my “look” (only slightly, still in flannel and jeans). 

Speaking of ignorance:

You know, I’ve noticed that some commentators on the tube seem to take delight in downing people who are opposed to them on certain issues.  One popular method of dissing…is IQ; often questioning the intelligence of these individuals and, conversely, exalting those who are wise enough to think as they and, naturally, and predictably, many of these “elite”  have the oft desired Ivy League pedigree and, no doubt,  mingle freely among the Mensa-ites.

So, I was thinkin,’ the problem with these smart guys (and they certainly are that, no question) is that they depend too much on their own limited vision; their narrow, imperfect view.  And, thinking so highly of themselves, they are sometimes wont to impose upon us “normal” “average” types…their enlightened --it’s for your own good--will.  But, as stated, their elevated perception is, at best, limited…terribly limited.

So, give me, any day, a guy or gal of average IQ who has enough God-given sense to know there‘s an ocean you can tap into, rather than those self touting elites who continually bucket the stagnant cistern of their own intellect.  Here’s a quote from someone who had the right idea.

I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go. My own wisdom and that of all about me seemed insufficient for that day. 
Abraham Lincoln

By-the-way:  Today we remember, sadly, tragically, that 50 million Americans have died by the abortionist's knife because seven black-robed elite…knew better.

That's what I think.  How about you? Click comments below...and say.

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