Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Micro Waves

Micro Waves
(by R.P.Edwards)

“When I was a boy!”
See their young eyes glaze
As you drift and rant
Of olden days
“When I was a boy!”
Oh, here we go
“Cooking was art
Thoughtful and slow
Micro waves were at the beach
The product
Of a toddler’s feet
But now it’s slam!
And zip!
And done!
An instant meal
It’s wrong, my son.
Yes, when I was a boy
It was good…and slow
Please, pop me a bag
Before you go.”

Weird Al is on in the kitchen.  On the other side of the room some news guy is on the tube, and I, half a cup of coffee down, am near the end of another week of the midnight shift.  It’s rather unnatural, hard to get used to, but it comes with the vocation…and if you don’t like it…

Due to the know how of a co-worker I have been introduced to the microwave egg-poacher.  It’s a plastic doohickey, a little more than two bucks, and it resembles two small half domes…or a rather ugly brassiere for a small mannequin (did I say that?  Must be midnights.)  Anyway, this fellow made some McDonaldesque English muffin creations that were…right on.  So, naturally, I had to purchase the bumpy thing and introduce my family to the delicacy.  Yum.  Thanks, Carl.

So, the election in MA is over and the anti-Obamacare guy won.  Good.  Now, maybe this package can be reshaped so that it is not so odious.  Because…the healthcare thing is definitely broken.  But the fix needs to be carefully crafted.  How about starting small?  How about we fix the “lawyer thing?”  The frivolous lawsuit stuff that makes doctors pay, annually, insurance fees that us ordinary folk would consider the price of a house.  Yeah, that could use some attention.  And oh, if they just did that…that would be a great start.

By-the-way, another co-worker told me of his visit to an emergency room.  His arm was hurting.  They took some x-rays, gave an EKG, did some blood work, gave him a muscle relaxer, talked to him a bit and had him sit around for a few hours and then handed him a bill for around six grand!  Sure, the guy had insurance, but that kind of billing borders on criminal. 

So, does the healthcare system need to be fixed?  You betcha.  But let’s be smart about it.

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.


jeftex said...

Another great post. The poem sounds like my house. I've seen the glazing of the eyes many times as I've started to try to enlighten the kids about the way things ought to be.

You might want to take a closer look at the other comment. The long line of periods at the end of it are actually links to what appear to be porn sites. Run your mouse across them and watch the bar at the bottom of your browser window to see the addresses they go to. I can't stand spammers.

R.P. Edwards said...

Thanks Jeff, you're a Godsend. I actually had a similar comment earlier, but the porn sites showed up in the comment. These guys are sneaky. Thanks again.

justaddmidget said...

Good job, on the poem I will never doubt your powers.
I do have a question! I'm guessing you can edit these blogs? I am needing to get rid of the amount of space on my family blog..
Darn I missed out on the special sites you tried to sneek in, nothing gets by Jeff.