Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hillary, Don't take Unions for granted

Union awakening
(by R.P.Edwards)

They think we're stupid
Mindless drones
Someone they "own"
But we have minds
And hearts
And will
And of their ways
We've had our fill 

It's called a "Labor Temple;" (the photo above) and those milling about at the base are steelworkers from the nearby facility that is running far below capacity due to foreign entities who "cheat" and flood our markets with cheap steel. As a result many companies cannot compete and must (once again; for this has happened before) close their doors or greatly reduce their workforce.

This morning's gathering (of which I took part) was due to the hopeful proposition by some government representatives that perhaps Unemployment Benefits might be extended a little longer if the myriad of barriers (as to procedure) could be quickly hurdled, and if the governor (who is desperately trying to rein in the budget) would be so inclined as to say "yes."

Unions. I've mentioned them before (here's one: How Unions can Save America) and, as I take in the doings of the Republican National Convention--as well as the endless peripheries which surround it--I've been hearing much of Hillary's strength with Unions.


You see, we Union folk are a diverse bunch; and just because our national leadership appears to be joined at the hip with the Democratic party; many of us...are not.

So, when the Clinton core (the media) point out that the prospective Republican VP, Gov Mike Pence, has inclinations towards "Right to Work," and "this" would therefore alienate many of us low-educated blue collar workers...well, they err greatly.

For, at this crucial juncture in our nation's history many of the WE are more interested in our country's survival, FIRST, and then comes the common sense solutions that will bring about prosperity. AND, without question, the candidate, at this time, and with God's help, that has the answers to our perennial, poisonous governmental Donald J. Trump.

Yes, whether it be the handling of ISIS, the strengthening of the military, the fair reworking of trade deals, the reduction of taxes and constricting regulations; support for domestic energy producers, unabashedly backing law enforcement and YES, the building of a wall; the Union man or woman's capacity to understand our "problems" and act accordingly are not limited to the media's (and perhaps the leadership's) low expectations.

To conclude: What I'm saying is: I'm sure there are many of my Union brothers and sisters who will select the predictable "D" this November; but dear reader, there are many, MANY, in THIS election...who will not.


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