Monday, April 18, 2016

How Unions can save America

(By R.P.Edwards)

I was beaten down, mute, and weak
Then a brother came to help me speak
A sister gave a lifting hand
Then others joined, to help me stand
At last the oppressor made his run
To finish the job he had begun
He thought only "I" would field his blows
But instead, he found a Union...
Standing toe to toe

The above poem was resurrected from a computer hideaway (nearly forgotten). It was originally attached to a fledgling blog and posted seven years ago, this very month. AND, due to my state of employment at the time (laid off Steel Worker), I gave the title, The Layoff Letters, to this humble web-publication that was birthed during that period. Ironically, I find myself laid-off once again.

Unions: everyone believes in the concept. Simply: it is the many who are weak individually; who then join together to oppose the strong. The original Thirteen Colonies were a union. Your neighborhood watch is a union. And, of course, when greed rules over compassion in corporate America; labor unions are a solution. 

But how can Unions save the nation? By using their "together" might to actually stand for the values and God-mindedness that led to a nation blessed.

You know, sixty years ago an essay like this would be unnecessary. Aside from variances of what to do with the people's money (and some other policy differences), the two parties understood that human life had value, and that God was not a liar when it came to human sexuality. But, since then (well before, actually) the godless oozings of academia have preached another gospel; a gospel that has stripped the great benefactor from our schools and government institutions; that has codified murder and immorality; that seeks to have us ever bow to the worm and the whim. AND, since the Democratic party is married to this madness, AND since the Unions are married to the Democratic Party...the nation totters.

Solution: Unions; remember when good and evil had parameters, and choose the good again. Unions: when those who would woo you ask you to put your hand in the abortionist's glove; refuse. Yes, refuse for the good of America, and stand for those who have no voice. Unions; when those who would use you to further THEIR agenda ask you to denounce the institution ordained by God; refuse. Yes, refuse for the good of America, and then stand and defend that timeless pairing that has so long been the mortar to our body politic. And, my brothers and sisters, when the misrepresenters parade their vast contingent of false reverends and celebrity mouthpieces to garner your support; refuse. Yes, refuse for the good of America; and send their gross errors to the wind as you (we) hold fast to and protect the stone that is our sure foundation.

And now we come to the WHAT IF. What if, in 1973, when the black-robed usurpers sentenced the multiplied millions to death; what if the UNIONS had stood against them? What if, when the twisted heirs of the same court contemplated spitting in the deity's eye concerning human relations; what if, for the good of America, the Unions had stood against them? And now, what if the Unions--despite the pleas of their present handlers--decided to raise their (our) voices against the PC madness that is gripping and gutting our culture? What if, for the good of America, they did that? Well, America would be saved. And, having done that we could then concentrate on the lesser issues.


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