Thursday, July 28, 2016

Empty Words

DNC 2016
(by R.P.Edwards

After 7 years
Of deeds and do's
We don't need words
To know what's true
We've SEEN the actions
We KNOW the ways
And empty words
Will never sway 
But there are those
Who deal in air
They LOVE the verses
With nothing there
They cheer for empty!
They weep for fluff!
But America, sir
We've had enough

Haven't listened to the DNC speeches. Don't care.

Oh, I've heard from second sources how WONDERFUL the speeches have been: VP Biden, President Obama, ect. and et al. this point; I don't honestly care.

You see, back in the beginning; back in 2008, WORDS were possibilities. They didn't necessarily have substance; but they did contain...hope. But NOW...we know what has been done. And the DONE...far outweighs the words.

So, whether the President speaks, or others in the same camp speak; at this point--since there is a history--they mean nothing.'re in the media. Oh, they love words! It is their reality; their food and drink; their very life! But some words, ma'am and sir, are none of these. AND, after over seven years of deeds; the new words...mean nothing.


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