Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Charlotte's Shame

(by R.P.Edwards)

They call it "Progressive"
As if it was new
This trending towards turning
Away from the true
Old fashioned as apples
And a whispering snake
Rejecting relation
Damnation to take 

What is it with cities and the propensity to sin? Why is there so often a coalescing in the urban centers of those who readily reject or reconstitute scripture to mirror their inner denials? 

Charlotte, North Carolina; being in the Conservative South one would think Bible-isms would abound. Well, in a way they do. In this case it's the leaning towards "not" in the "Thou shalt NOT's."

The Charlotte city council has voted to expand discrimination protections to groups whose sexual urges are outside the heterosexual norm; in particular those whose sexual inner "feeling" varies from their biological evidence. Meaning; NOW men who feel womanish (at least for today; tomorrow they might "feel" differently) can, legally, go into a ladies room to relieve themselves while your and my daughter are in there.

Let's just say it: these Council members are out of their progressive minds! Thinking themselves compassionate and caring, they are simply immoral and unfit; AND, if there is any semblance to a majority of God lovers in the Sodom of the South, these members need to be purged from the rolls (legally, of course). 

Cities and Sin
(by R.P.Edwards) 

Cities suck
The country dry
Fat and fancy
"Wise am I"
Full of self
Forgetting HIM
So often ending
Deep in sin 


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