Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Christie for Trump

(by R.P.Edwards)

Guide our paths
From cars
To pets
To hair
Someone we know
Says, so and so
And we think
"I'll go there!"

"Politics is about choosing"
(Governor Chris Christie)

Endorsements; someone you know, admire, identify with (for whatever reason), gives their nod towards a person or service, or product; and you decide to follow "their" lead.  

Happens all the time. Not counting "celebrity" endorsements on the tube, acquaintances often fill our ears with their solicited or unsolicited "two bits."  Mechanics, dentists, pet shops, grocery stores; all can be the result of hearing, "You should go their."

And so, Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey and, until recently, presidential candidate, has publicly endorsed Businessman, Donald Trump, for the highest public office. To me, this endorsement has weight.  

I've written before that "my" choice for Commander in Chief was former Governor, Mike Huckabee (who has not, at this point, endorsed anyone). I am now left with the top three and Chris Christie's words help persuade me towards the one, early on, I could not have imagined supporting. Why? Because my observation of the man (Christie) over the years has led to an admiration of his style...and substance. He strikes me as a no-nonsense problem solver with values very similar to my own. So, his rethink has contributed to mine.

For, as "capable" as the other contenders may be; when it comes right down to it I'm looking for someone with CEO qualities and experience. A Big Picture man. An individual able to delegate and detach. Not a micromanager, but a...leader. And, since I join my fellow Americans in my disdain for the political class and, by extension, their handlers; I think Mr. Trump might be exactly what we need at this pivotal point in our history. So, thank you, Governor Christie, you have caused my "lean" towards The Donald to become more acute. 

Here's a link to an interview concerning Governor Christie's decision:  Interview  


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