Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Huckabee, a tribute

(by R.P.Edwards)

Time for rest
Time for ease
Time for YOU
Alone to please
Time for sitting
In one place
Time for Song
Amazing Grace
Time for family
Close and dear
No more travel
Far and near
Time for grandkids
Time for play
Time to plan
But not today
Time for schedules 
Open all
Time to NOT
Receive that call
Time for smiles
Cameras none
Time for time
It has

I knew better, but that one life-sucking spot on the love seat lured me in. I was asleep in no time. AND, as a result I missed a lot of the play by play concerning the Iowa Caucus results. Alas, my man Huckabee did not do as well as hoped and he, wisely, has suspended his campaign.

O, I have great admiration for the former Governor and I have followed with interest his campaigns and career since the 2008 Presidential run. Godly, courageous, kindly, conservative, compassionate, seasoned, tested, tried and true; all of these describe the man from Hope Arkansas. And I, and not a few others, were dearly hoping that his run for the White House would have ended at Pennsylvania Avenue. 

And so, he is out of the race. No doubt there is disappointment in the camp, but there must also be the satisfaction that comes with knowing ALL was done in the effort. Now it's time to decompress, regroup, and rekindle. Take a break, Governor. You, ALL of you, deserve it. 

PS, if one cares to look, this blog is adorned with not a few Huckabee items. Many of these will remain, at least for now. One reason: It may very well be that the eventual nominee may want their running mate to be a man, wise in counsel, and well able to step into the highest post if needed. Mike Huckabee is such a man.



Jessica Hogan said...

Mike Huckabee a a man of integrity and love for his country. I loved how he went out supporting the vets, calling Fox news out. More than that he chose to have a movie called God's Not Dead 2 . He didn't choose to make a huge speech he just chose to point the direction to Jesus Christ. Amazing a man who loves Jesus and always will choose Jesus People and USA above politics. He knows what life is all about not him but the Love of Jesus Christ. During this election he chose not to sell out for money,politics, and mainly his faith. I can't say that about many of our top pastors,and family leaders. He always will take the punch for Christ and Truth. He rather have Jesus than silver or gold or riches untold. No doubt when he gets to heaven he will be greeted with a big smile and hug from Jesus saying well done my good and faithful servant. Thank you for creating this blog sight may the Lord bless and keep you, Huck, and the Huck crew. Never met such sweet gentle and kind people who love the Lord with all their heart. Our little Huck crew was hit hard in Iowa and taken back and hurt over all the deceit and lies in the name of politics and Jesus what a shame . This is why people don't chose Christ and we have a liberal progressive society because we become self consumed and self-righteous in our own eyes and nailing Christ to the Cross over and over again My prayer is that we get over ourselves get real and starting to look to Christ the Author and Finisher of our Faith. My God bless the USA even though we don't deserve it!

Jessica Hogan said...
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R.P. Edwards said...

Thank you, Jessica. I'm hoping this could be one of those "God's ways are higher than our ways" type things. I, too, hope and believe our merciful Savior will give us another chance.