Sunday, February 14, 2016

RIP Justice Scalia and US Constitution?

The Court
(by R.P.Edwards)

I wade through blood
All the day
Because what seven
Men did say
And decades later
It's still that way
So I wade through blood
All the day

I hate going down to that place, and it didn't help that it was cold; bitter cold. But, because seven men went far beyond their mandate and condemned pre-born humans to death AND, because the nation has not found the will or wherewithal to stop them; I go down there and add my middle-aged, bearded, laid-off presence to the mix.

Justice Scalia died yesterday (yes, the day I went down to the abortion clinic). I have nothing but admiration for the man, and nothing but sincere sympathy and gratitude towards the family that shared him with us for so long. For, you see, THIS particular jurist got it right; the Supreme Court isn't supposed to make it up as it goes along. The Supreme Court ISN'T supposed to write law. AND, since the only way to stop them (impeachment) is a laughable proposition, they wield away and WE ALL will and DO pay.

And, O yes, the accolades and respectful purrings are pouring in from the lips of allies and adversaries alike (I'm talking Americans here; as in ideological leanings). But, it goes without saying that the Chief Executive, who put his hand on TWO Bibles at the swearing in ceremony, will (unless a Paulian conversion takes place) do his best to put on the bench another word bender.

 And so, Rest in Peace, Justice Antonin Scalia and, perhaps forever, RIP US Constitution.

Pretty Please
(by R.P.Edwards)

Pretty please!
Do your job
This once!"
So says we
To the six plus three
From beneath our cap
"The Dunce"


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