Monday, February 1, 2016

Iowa's BIG night!

Iowa Caucus 2016
(by R.P.Edwards)

Iowa Caucus
Hopeful I
A decent showing
For my guy
 Polls upended
Pundits wrong
Then singers sing
A different song

Hours away from the long-anticipated IOWA CAUCUS' (ta dah!)

Yes, those hardy Iowans will brave the weather and gather in their many and diverse gathering places and then try and convince their equally hardy neighbors why THEIR particular guy (or gal) is the best fit for their Midwestern selves.  In the last two election cycles (presidential) two very devout types won the day (on the Republican side). First, former Governor, Mike Huckabee (2008), and then former Senator, Rick Santorum (2012).  Neither went on to win, but they were first out of the gate.

Well, NOW the field is FULL of devout types (again, the Republican side). Even Donald Trump has been seen with his Bible. Yes, these are trying hard for the holy nod and, although MY choice, Huckabee, is given little chance, I'm hoping he at least wins the "show" spot in this horse-race. 

Not much to add. I'll be paying attention to the results. Over the last few months efforts have been made to promote a fine, and gifted, and WELL QUALIFIED candidate. Some say it will take a miracle, well, I believe in those.

Following is a link to a playlist of pro-Huckabee songs; all of which were sung by a currently laid-off, union steel-worker (moi). Many were birthed through the lyrical talents of a gifted fellow we shall call "Huckabee George," matched to some familiar tunes. If you've got a few minutes and a liking for Mike, pour a cup of coffee and give a listen. And then, if you're an Iowan; go, GO fight for the most battle-tested and qualified candidate; former Governor, Mike Huckabee!



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