Thursday, May 19, 2011


(by R.P.Edwards)

We mourned for the child
And unloved
Cast to the pavement
An innocent…dove
And we wept
And we wondered
And spoke the word… “Why?”
But we shed not a tear
For the millions
That die

Now he has a name…Camden.  But for nearly a week the precious child, lifeless and left on the side of a Maine road, was without identity.  And, upon seeing his frail form (albeit computer enhanced) and drawing on all the emotional ties that each of us have with those of his kind, we felt a sense of loss, grief…mourning.

It, once again, comes down to the “knowing.” Because we “know” them (or someone like them) we give them weight and worth.  And, although Camden’s mother may very well have had a break-down of sorts; her decision, or the accidental excess that led to the boy’s death…is no excuse.  Perhaps, after all the particulars are learned, a bit of mercy will be applied to her sentence.  But, make no mistake, Camden; the person; the innocent, precious child…is dead.  And he cannot be replaced.  He was, on earth…unique.  And now, in the arms of the Savior, he receives the love that each child, without exception…deserves.

A reminder: it was the decision of seven black-robed mortals that said the birth canal was the definer of humanity.  Nearly four decades ago these mere men signed the death warrants for fifty million Camdens that, for whatever reason, were, and are unloved and unwanted.  And, though these children do not end up on a rural road, they, nevertheless, in passing, fill the arms of the Savior.  The very one who took time out to hold the innocents, and remind his religious followers, “the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

And so, as, long ago, an ignorant nation was taught from the northern pulpits that Slavery was an evil in the eyes of God; Oh, that we enlightened Christians and ministers would pause just long enough from our prayer, and fasting, and seeking His face; just long enough to “do” what he did, “And He took them in His arms and began blessing them.” (Mark 10:16)


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Leona Salazar said...

Thanks for your insight. As much as the death of Camden is truly horrific, it's almost too difficult to comprehend the millions of "Camdens" that have been murdered under the banner of "abortion" since 1973.