Friday, May 13, 2011

Ill Illinois

(by R.P.Edwards)

Death to babies
Life…for fiends
On its head
It seems
Once again
A hostage
O Lincoln rise
And set us

Christopher Coleman wanted out of his marriage.  He wanted out...bad!  Trouble is (was) he was head of security for Joyce Meyer ministries and, since there was a “no divorce” clause in his contract, giving the wife walking papers would mean losing his six figure income.  And besides, let’s face it, divorce means child support, strained connections, messy life-long lingering loose ends.  So, Mr Coleman came up with a plan; a way to wipe the slate clean and start fresh with his new honey.  Unfortunately, horribly, almost inconceivably, this “plan” involved murdering, with his own hands, his wife, and two pre-teen sons.  Incredibly…he imagined he wouldn’t get caught.

So, knowing the grisly details, surely this vile act--even if others fall short--surely “this” act warrants the maximum penalty…death.  But, perhaps recognizing that Illinois Governor, Pat Quinn, would commute the sentence from “kill him” to “feed, clothe, and care for him for fifty years,” the judge gave the defendant three life terms instead.  Driving home the fact that in Illinois, where thousands upon thousands cross our borders yearly because it’s so darn easy to have an abortion here; yes, in “The Land of Lincoln” heinous murderers of non-babies…have the indisputable…“right to life.”


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