Saturday, May 21, 2011

Randy Savage, Doonesbury, and Judgment Day

It happens
(by R.P.Edwards)

A broken clock
Is exactly right
Two times
Every day
So with the words
Think it not absurd
When a pearl comes with
the bray

Edgar C. Whisenant, (deceased) had a modicum of notoriety twenty three years ago when he pushed the idea (hard!) that the Rapture of the Church would take place in 1988.  The Rapture--a word not found in scripture, but used to describe the event when believers, living and dead, rise to meet Jesus in the air--marks the point (depending on your eschatological view) when things will get terribly bad on earth, culminating with the Lord’s return to set things in order.  I remember, vaguely, the message of Mr. Whisenant, but, for the reasons given in--of all places--the Doonesbury Cartoon (yesterday and today) I didn’t give the prediction much weight.  And then, as today, the “certainty” proved to be…without substance.

Enter Randy Savage, aka The Macho Man.  I remember, nearly three decades ago, watching the antics of this pro-wrestler as he made his rounds in the WWF.  Well, a couple days back he lost his final match.  All the details aren’t in, but be it a heart attack, or the unforgiving tree (or a combination), Randy Savage is dead.

I’ll not belabor the point, but death, for all of us…is coming.  We can ignore it; block it out of our minds; pretend it will make an exception in our case; but…it is nearer today than yesterday.  And though many will scoff (perhaps rightly so) at the misplaced zeal of the “prophet,” there will be, for each of us, an ending of this life, and an entering into another.  Oh, our demise may not come with an apocalypse, but the end result will be the same…a face to face encounter with the God of the Universe.  And may I, in this thoughtful moment, point as many as will, to the “Of first importance” link in the upper right.

Thanks to the Doonesbury site for the comic Doonesbury

And, thanks to Bible Gateway for scriptural assistance.  Here’s a reference for the “rapture” Rapture and  The Judgment


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