Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mike, I get it

To Hear
(by R.P.Edwards)

How precious is
The silent heart
That listens
For His voice
With mute to mind
And selfish flesh
To hear
The Master’s choice
And heeding, run
The chosen path
Though flesh and mind protest
And knowing that
The words from Him
Will always lead
To Best

Like many, I was looking forward to Governor Huckabee’s announcement as to his decision whether to run for president (my hope)…or not.  I arrived home a little past time and wife (she wouldn’t spill the beans) was kind enough to have the recording cued up.  And, although his beginning remarks pointed towards “yea,” his conclusion, after explaining his efforts to seek the divine will…was, and is… “nay.”

I’ll admit it; I’m a bit disappointed.  But, with the explanation…I am satisfied.  Here’s a snippet of his remarks that I wrote down: “I don’t expect everyone to understand this, but I’m a believer and a follower of Jesus Christ, and that relationship to me is far more important to me than any political office…the decision…is a spiritual one.”

Well, Governor, I, for one, get it.  There have been many times in my own life when the divine leading pointed a different way than the loud exhortations of the eyes and the intellect.  And, following the “logical” course…I suffered.  You see, dear reader (and you probably know this), the view from “above” is far reaching.  How foolish not to seek the one…who sees.  And, I refuse to believe it was anything other than this Higher intervention…that persuaded Mike Huckabee.

I found it amusing (as this is written Sunday a.m.) that one broadcast pundit seemed befuddled that Governor Huckabee, leading in so many areas of the nation, would bow out.  That, sir, falls under Governor Huckabee’s disclaimer: “I don’t expect everyone to understand this…”

P.S. Mike, did the Lord say anything about V.P.?


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