Saturday, January 1, 2011 God

To be Known
(by R.P.Edwards)

Oh, to be known
That is our dream
That many would know…who we are
But flesh comes and goes
With its notice and knows
Known to God
Is better…by far

I had popped in a Christmas Cassette (still not “over it”) and proceeded to put together a one-egg omelet;  egg, Italian cheese, Mexican cheese, and some of a mini-summer sausage thing that came in a Christmas package a couple weeks back.  Some old sourdough bread in the toaster, and coffee from the Bunn completed the feast.  Then, as the yuletide tunes intermingled with the waftings…I heard it.  A siren.  A barely audible (Christmas tunes, plus window fan obscured) oversized alarm-clock type irritating…buzz.  I listened more closely.  A tornado warning.  Not a test.  A warning.  And here it was, the last day of 2010.

Well, the TV weather folk--who had preempted a basketball game to interject--showed the radar picture.  Ominous.  A blazing red line of storms; the kind that birth…tornadoes; barreling towards us.  We sent the kids to the basement and…went to the porch.  Got a little hairy (and yeah, I know the "porch" thing was dumb), but no twister. And, although we were spared, some, nearby, were not.  Indeed, in a place called Sunset Hills, where a tornado had touched down and wreaked havoc--but injured “no one”--the mayor unabashedly said… “It was a miracle.”  And, at least one other, when asked of the ordeal, mentioned the beseeching of God as their roof…caved in.

Now, I’m not embarrassed in the least to say that we, also, had sought the aid of the one who calmed the sea.  We’re Christians.  Our lives are incomplete…without Jesus.  And, frankly, this is not an admission of weakness, but rather of…reality.  Indeed, not one more breath is possible…without Him.  The problem is, many are unaware, or forgetful of our dependence.  And, when a nation has forgotten, then it may very well take a storm…to bring us to our senses.   Now, in the natural the weather folk warned us of the impending wind--warnings that probably saved lives.  Oh, how we need the spiritually discerning to warn the rest--“the rest” being a nation that thinks itself independent and immovable--that a storm of another kind--the kind that can break us down to our very foundation--is on its way.  Perhaps the warning…will produce prayer.  But if not…the storm…surely will.


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