Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Civility and Sacrifice

(by R.P.Edwards)

Civility, civility
Democracy’s salve
Calming contentions
Conversations…to have
Passions, on leashes
Warring…with words
Yet measured, in malice
So as not
To disturb

“You have no idea.”

In this world there are measures of devotion, love, sacrifice, selflessness. The greatest example; the one without peer, begins with the words, “For God so love the world…”  But, below this ultimate are lesser degrees of “you first” and, far from the top, but certainly well above the bottom, was the selfless act of my wife towards “yours truly” just the other day.

You see; I was feeling a bit under; poorly; bummed; and, my wife (a compassionate soul) volunteered to make the coffee and bring me a mug.  But, as this exercise was taking longer than normal I surmised she was up to something “more,” and, so she was; for, after several minutes she arrived with, not only the java, but also a hot bowl of oatmeal, along with wheat toast on the side.  This, of itself, was sacrificial, but, BUT what raised it to the “you have no idea” level was the preparation of the porridge; for, following the tradition set forth by my mother, I like a dollop of peanut-butter mixed in with the oats.  My wife, God Bless her, absolutely hates goober’s child.  She informed me that a lot of “mouth breathing” was necessary to accomplish the love-gift.  Thank you, honey.  That was quite a sacrifice.         “You have no idea.”

Well, I didn’t watch the State of the Union Speech, but I did listen to a portion the old fashioned way; the radio.  Only heard about fifteen minutes, but it was enough to appreciate this civilized republic we live in.  There they were, often bitter opponents, sitting next to one another; setting aside their agendas…to be civil.  The words I heard were soothing, inspiring, presidential and, though I differ greatly with the chief executive in so many ways, I recognize his office, and hold no personal malice towards the man. 

However, beyond the civility, there must be a tangible “turning.”  In the Christian sphere it’s called Repentance; when one stops heading “away” from God, and starts heading “towards.”  It goes far beyond words.  It involves “acts.”  And, as far as the nation is concerned, yes, we must be wise with our money and methods, but we also need to recognize that all our blessings…are inherited.  Inherited from a people who feared God, recognized moral living, and gave every human life…a chance to grow old.  This kind of sacrifice will bring God’s blessing and, in the distant future, when a great grandson or daughter (should we be so fortunate) looks to the history books and asks what was necessary for the change, we can begin by repeating my wife's classic response, “You have no idea.”


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