Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mice, not so nice

Word Police
(by R.P.Edwards)
"In the crosshairs"
"In my sights"
"Launch the campaign!"
"Join the fight!"
Useful words
They make a point
But “word” police
Get out of joint

I’ll admit it.  I was snookered.  Taken in. Wooed by…the whiskers.  My thoughts turned to Mickey and Mortimer, Pixie and Dixie, Stuart Little, Mr Jingles from “The Green Mile,” and that very clever mouse from “Mouse Hunt.” I even said something like, “If they showed up at home; they’d be dead.  But here, I kinda feel sorry for ‘em.”

I’m talking about a few mice that invaded our feeding hole at the job.  It’s cold out; pickin’s are slim, and…they’re kinda cute.  “Pet” came to mind.  That is…until they started climbing and leaving their poison pills…everywhere.  And, when their “calling cards” showed up by the coffee pot; well, let’s just say the “cute factor” could not hold down the scale.  RIP.

This little offering is being written not long after the House of Rep’s voted to repeal Obamacare.  Yeah, it doesn’t have a chance.  It’s doubtful that the Senate will follow suit and, if they could be persuaded, the President would most likely veto any attempt to remove his “signature legislation.”

The similarities:  In the back of my brain were these images of a friendly, cute, lovable…mouse.  In reality they’re nasty, little rodents that don’t mind pooping everywhere.  In the same way the few agreeable traits of the massive Healthcare bill that was shoved down our collective throats have been trumpeted as if that’s all there is to it. But, from what I’ve heard and read…it’s an overall stinker.  We need to recognize it for what it is, flush it, then put together something that retains the good, but avoids the leavings.

Of Mice
(by R.P.Edwards)

Mickey and Mortimer
Pixie and Dix
Stuart Little and Jingles
So cute, and the tricks!
What’s good on the screen
So distant and dear
Is gone when the leavings
A mouse, was just here


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