Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Talk

The Talk
(by R.P.Edwards)

They talk about talking
For talking is king
Their bread and their butter
Their place
And their bling
But talking is useless
When actions
Are few
So talk about talking
For that’s
What you do

It’s a Sunday afternoon.  The ballgame is on and, for the most part…I’m indifferent.  Don’t have a stake, a dog, a horse, or any other idiomic image tied to the outcome.  And, though I know some who are feverish fans of one or the other; I am somewhere in the region of … “ho hum.”

Watched a little of the “talkers” this morning.  The coming  State of the Union address was one topic, and some spoke of the importance of the words; the phrasing, the demeanor, the promises.  Again, I find myself in the region of … “ho hum.”  Why?  Because talk; albeit eloquent, educated, emotional, knowledgeable, Presidential, is, in the end…oh so cheap.

Again.  President Obama, he, above all other presidents, ever; is the abortionist's friend.  Under his leadership the United States is viewed as weak and indecisive; and our ever increasing IOU’s make us beholden to those who do not have our best interests at heart.  And then there's some other stuff I just don't feel like "talking" about.

So, oh talkers; talk away.  After all, that is your forte; your fortune.   And, since the chief executive is going to visit your living room; analyze on.  But, after your critiques have dissipated and dissolved; then we’ll see if there is any substance behind the syllables.  Either way, it will give you talk about.


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