Thursday, December 30, 2010

Of Snobs

(by R.P.Edwards)

Snobs to the left
Snobs to the right
Intellectual giants
In each others…sight
But I’d trade them all in
For the lowly and meek
Who tremble, while waiting
For their Father
To speak

       "But to this one I will look,
         To him who is humble and contrite of spirit, and who trembles at My word”
(Isaiah 66:2)

“Need to take a loan out.” It was a conversation starter.  A throwaway line while filling our mules…with fuel.  Once again I had crossed the river for the twenty cent discount and, on the other side of the Quick Trip Island was an elderly gent--and, since I’m in my 50’s, “elderly” means…elderly--who, wearing his jean overalls and flannel shirt, also sported a well-worn military chapeau; a black ball cap with the insignia “DD-something.”  Well, being a navy graduate (as in former-enlisted) I knew this meant “Destroyer” and, with another piece of commonality, I mentioned the hat, and my time in the service.  Then he said it, “I was in World War II.”

That little phrase opened the floodgate.  “One of the Greatest Generation,” says I. 

“Just doing my job,” says he.

I guessed his age.  “85?”


I then told him about my “Pop” (just turned 90) who was a ninety-day wonder (pulled from college, rushed through officer training, put in the fleet.  Apparently the Annapolis folk didn’t care for them).  Anyway, this fellow then related how the only trouble he ever got in had to do with one of “those.”

“I was in Hawaii,” he said. “A ninety day wonder came by, stopped, and said, “Don’t you salute officers?” I replied, “I do…when I see one.””  He then added, “It was the wrong thing to say.”

Before we parted I crossed the barrier and asked to shake his hand.  Said I wanted to touch…history.  Handshake done, I went back to the guzzler and remarked…again… “Thank you for your service.”  He said, again… “We were just doing…our job.”

You know, I’m not stupid (well, maybe in some ways), I realize that the passing generation--the one the Lord used to save the world--I realize that they were flesh.  Imperfect.  Subject to sin like the rest of us.  But, without question, that generation was raised…to fear God.  To respect Life.  To hold to moral tradition and purity.  To recognize evil.  To DEAL with evil. And, although some of these may have strayed from the moorings over the years, I dare say, if we could ask the millions--at the direst time of the conflict--when churches were bursting with petitioners, when gold stars popped up in windows like dandelions on a summers lawn, when school children read scripture and prayed prayers, when congressmen wept because their sons lay dead in a foreign grave; if we could ask them their opinion of what we’ve done with the freedom they paid for with blood and innocence; if we could ask them what they think of our twisting of truth, and the murder of youth; I dare say they’d reconsider their sacrifice.  Or, at the very least, they’d take each of us by the hand --away from our I-phones and “I” lives--to spend a day before their memorials.  To spend a day to perhaps consider our standing; a standing that is grounded in and on those who were “just doing their jobs.”

You know, I began this offering with a scripture.  It tells of those who get the Lord‘s attention.  Of those “He” listens to, helps, even…honors.  And today, with so many who have positions of power, prominence, or simply…the microphone; well…I just don’t see it.  Again, those who often tell us what is right and wrong; moral and immoral; these, every one, every…single…one, they did not bring us here.  It was not their sacrifice that paid the price.  It was not their useless degrees or hollow accomplishments that moved the hand of God to help a nation.  And, if we want His aid again--and oh, how we need it--then we simply must return to a time, and an attitude of heart, which will cause Him to look, and have …compassion.  But…what will it take to bring us to that place?  In the past a horrible World War caused the already God-fearing to quickly go to their knees.  But, what will it take for we…their snobbish offspring to humble ourselves?  I honestly don’t know; but I think, whatever it is…it is coming.  Yes, I believe it is coming…and perhaps…it is almost here.


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