Thursday, December 9, 2010

Is it Doe, or DOH!

Oh Deer
(by R.P.Edwards)

Deer are dear
This fact…is clear
We love each graceful beast
But when they pack
To fight the lack
On venison…we feast!

Valley Forge; once the wintering place of General George Washington’s troops; a place of battle--not of bullet or bomb or bayonet--but of the patriot’s will. Today, however, Valley Forge is under siege.  No, not by the British or their Hessian hirelings, but by Bambi and his ilk. Problem is, there are just too many darn deer for the five square mile park.  And, these graceful groupings, since there are no natural predators about, are breeding with abandon, and eating with equal gusto.  As a result, the ecosystem has become unbalanced.  In other words, sure, the deer are thriving, but other little beasties (rabbits, ground-nesting birds) are losing their homes.  Thumper would not be pleased.

So, the solution…culling. Get some sharpshooters to bring the number of deer down to a manageable number.  In other words, kill a bunch.  And, to “waste not,” the venison from the fallen is given to the poor.

However, as reasonable as this solution sounds, there are some who cannot bear the thought of one of natures graceful ambassadors dieing so.  Some even suggest introducing some predators back into the mix.  Huh? Tooth and claw, bite and gnaw, versus…a quick snuffing by a well aimed round? As Homer Simpson would say, “Doh!”

So, again, let thoughtful reason prevail. The deer population, there, and elsewhere, must be managed.  And, a little bit of research will reveal that “hunters” contribute much to the maintaining of a healthy balance (not to  mention the fees they pay for the privilege).  So, shoot away, brothers.  And, when the deer sausage is due, remember your couch-bound cousins who support and salute your manly endeavors.


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