Wednesday, December 22, 2010

True Believers

(by R.P.Edwards)

I believe, in believing
The holding to unseen…more
A foundation beyond the feeling
A certain, distant…shore
But “believing,” itself, is not virtue
Unless the object, is true…and right
For believing, askew, brings darkness
A cold…and bitter…night

“This is done,” the words spoken by the Commander in Chief as he finished signing the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  Yeah, I watched the news conference and, I must say, I found it somewhat …inspiring.  Yes, with the well-crafted rhetoric and home-style spice, I actually found myself wanting to believe the premise that “gayness” is in exactly the same category as race, and creed.  That discrimination against those so oriented--in the military setting (even though involving youthful sex drives)--is just as wrong as singling out a black, a white, a Baptist…or Jew.  Yes, I found myself wanting to join “the cause,” the march, the movement that claims a seat at the civil rights table.  However, what hinders me from jumping on “the wagon” is…my belief in God.  And, what puzzles me, is how our “religious” leaders are so quick to discount what has always…been true.  Consider Joe Lieberman; as an orthodox Jew he honored  his God by walking to the Senate (it being the Sabbath and driving is…out), but then he went right on to add his amen to a lifestyle that the Torah condemns.  And then there’s Joe Biden; one who’s known for taking the religious step of having the Lenten ashes applied to his forehead at the appropriate time (being a good Catholic), but he too has no apparent problem with saying, “God, on this one…your wrong.”  And, of course, Barack Obama also seems to have a Bible with pages missing.  Yes, believers all.  I’m just not sure how their “belief”…is divided. And so, with the full force of their “convictions” (whatever their true source), the law is repealed, and the president adds,  “this law I’m about to sign will strengthen our national security.”  Time…will surely…tell.

As an aside:  You know, watching the President do his thing; I really think he is…sincere.  For sure, I think he’s terribly wrong; and that his unhindered leadership will tear us down, perhaps even destroy us. But, in spite of all this…I like him.  For (and call me foolish) I believe his direction is heart led.  And, I believe if he finds his foundations…faulty; I believe he will turn his affections…elsewhere.  And “elsewhere,” these days, means back…to the proven path.


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