Friday, December 3, 2010

Band of...lovers?

Fire them
(by R.P.Edwards)

Ham and Mullen…hit the road
Johnson, Gates…the door
Go and take your turgid views
And trouble us…no more
And in your place…reality
Born of noble threads
Those who fathom founders faith
And reverence…honored dead

You’d think, with all the research done concerning the how and why’s of the Titanic disaster, that the “survey” would have come to light sooner.  But, due to its “embarrassment potential,” the White Star Line had all copies of the questionnaire destroyed…save one.  It, incredibly, was found in the ramshackle remains of the once great company; hidden in an underground vault.  Here’s a sample of some of the questions:  1. Do you think you will be safe on the Mighty Titanic no matter what nature can throw at you?
2. Do you think the thick steel of the mighty ship’s hull is stronger than frozen water?  3. Do you think you can have a safe voyage knowing there is floating ice en route?  4. Do you think the “unsinkable” Titanic can survive an encounter with an iceberg?

The survey results revealed that seventy percent of the passengers thought the mighty liner, and icebergs, could peacefully coexist.  It seems that opinion surveys, based on conjecture, are of little, or no…use.

Alright, just read of how the head of the joint chiefs of staff (admiral Mullen) says that if the door is opened for homosexuals to--in your face--participate in the armed forces; well, those who don’t like it…can get another job.

And, what is the basis for the good admiral’s confidence?  Why, the survey, of course.  Silly me, I thought the military was doing “research,” (as in, the effects of the homosexual lifestyle) but no, they were seeking “opinions.”  And, as the farcical first paragraph illustrates, opinions…carry little weight.  

Two things.  One: I am convinced that, since most of my parents generation--the one the Lord used to save the world (remember that?)--have passed on; I am convinced that with “the greatest generation” so, too, the source of our “greatness”…goes.  You see, as imperfect as they may have been (for they were, after all, made of flesh) theirs was a mindset that reserved a prominent place for God, and morality.   And, sadly,  we, their offspring, have filled the place of the spoiled heirs who gladly squander our parents inheritance and then dare to believe and act as if the substance of “they” belongs to “we,” as well.  It does not.  And, if Admiral Mullen and General Ham are content that an opinion poll is adequate justification for acquiescing to the ungodly oozings of academia to throw out our longstanding moral foundations in order to create another “legitimate” minority class, and then forcing it’s behavior down our military’s throat (some of whom are strongly opposed) then, let our subsequent decline be evidence of their folly.  Unfortunately, that “decline” puts our nation at risk.

Secondly: I bristle at the attitude displayed by the good admiral.  And, as so many who had prominent positions of power have, in the last election, been given their walking papers (not enough, in my opinion), I would like the “Joint chiefs” to be soon reminded that they are subservient to...the “people.”


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Thanks for writing this...makes a lot of sense.