Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lonely Rice-a-Roni

Look to San Francisco!
(by R.P.Edwards)

“Look to San Francisco!”
A phrase I’ll never use
For clarity on choices
The moral path…to choose
But perhaps it could be handy
A warning for a way
“Just look to San Francisco
You’ll end up…like them…someday”

Buckets and bags…of Happy Meal toys.  Yes, those little plastic lures, dangled before the young codfish gathered around the tube.  “Come and get ‘em!” And, they do, pushing mom and dad through the cattle gate up to the golden arches in order to get that toy…and, er…some food, too.  And, since our brood is so spread out (18 years between oldest and youngest) we’ve made many a trip to see Ronald.  And, since my ten-year-old has not yet bowed to the pressure to “man-up,” even this week I heard him make a request for…a happy meal.  And, oh yes, not a one of my six…is obese.

As many know by now, The Board of Supervisors in San Francisco overrode Mayor Gavin’s (no ambassador of conservatism) veto that would have stopped the ordinance crafted by said body to greatly discouraged McDonald's from tempting the tots with toys, only to feed them high-fat fodder.  The Mayor expressed misgivings at the government’s usurping the parents role of watching out for their kids health.  The Board…knows better.

Okay, the duplicity, the hypocrisy, the incongruity…is obvious.  San Francisco, the bastion of debauchery,  dares to lecture the rest of the country on what is right; and what is wrong; even going so far as to use the people’s power to twist arms in order to keep little Brian and Beth from eating a cheeseburger and fries.  How about this, San Fran, close your bath houses and abortion clinics and drug dens.  Then, and only then, will we give partial ear to your rantings against Ronald.  For, though we agree that the continuous ingestion of fatty foods…is detrimental; so, too, the absorption of San Francisco “morality” is detrimental…in the extreme. 


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jeftex said...

Amen! As the old song goes, "Clean up your own back yard before you go messin' around with mine."