Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Novel idea

Pay as you Go
(by R.P.Edwards)

Pay as you go
A budget…you see?
Spending…with ending
As clear as can be
Don’t have it?
Don’t get it!
Don’t borrow to own
For those so inclined
Learn their “lives”…are the loan

Six months.  Six dragging months.  That’s how long this simple scribe was laid off.  It was unexpected, unseen, but it happened and, like so many, I joined the millions who became dependent on the “twice a month” allowance from the government.  It helped us get by.  Thanks.

Today, in the news, we see that yet another “unemployment payment” extension is moments away from being a reality.  Apparently many, even after a years time (some longer) are still…in need; and, in order for the meals and means to keep coming, an infusion of cash is required.

There’s a problem, however.  It seems the “righties” are dragging their collective feet.  But the delay put forth by these pesky Republicans is not because they’re devoid of compassion (as some would paint them) but, rather, that their “compassion” extends to the many, now; and the many, later.  Yes, their “selfish sin” is that they want the expensive extension to actually be paid for, instead of--as many on the left clamor for-- putting it on the “just for emergencies” credit card located in Uncle Sam’s bedroom bureau, top drawer, behind the socks.  "And," add the elephants, there are cuts that could be made in the bloated government budget to cover it or--and here’s a novel idea--money is still available from the infamous “stimulus bill.”  In other words; pay in advance for the relief we give…instead of sticking it to our posterity. 

Pay as you go.  A novel idea.  An idea…that is long overdue. 

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