Monday, July 12, 2010

Marriage in the crosshairs

Simple Marriage?
(by R.P.Edwards)

It used to be so simple
One woman, and one man
Decreed by the Creator
A pure and simple plan
Just right for raising children
And keeping men in line
Plus honor for the woman
Society, sublime
But now the black-robed demigods
They rip the fabric’s threads
Spewing out apostasies
Standing on their heads
And marriage dies, diluted
Its meaning, in the bog
For men reverse the sacred word
And worship now…the dog

Judge Joseph Tauro, a federal judge in Bean Town, rules the 1996, Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA, bipartisan, signed into law by President Clinton) is unconstitutional saying, among other things, that’s the state has the power to regulate the institution, not the heavy-handed Feds.  Of course, his definition of the term “regulate,” means “define,” as well.

(sigh) Once again a black-robed non-elected legislator informs the rest of us imbeciles that the individual States have the supreme right to determine the meaning of “black and white,” “up and down,” “forward and back,” and (slightly more seriously now) “marriage and non-marriage.”

Unable to win via the ballot box, left-leaning judges are the tool of choice for those who would mold us into their image.  And, as the defenders of traditional morality wrestle with these heretics; time, money, and human lives…are wasted.

And, concerning the royals, the dethroning of these “kings” will be difficult.  A beginning step, however, is to make sure those who appoint them are, never again, given the majority vote.  On that note: November is almost here, and your (our) vote has never mattered... so much

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