Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The "Must" win

The “Must” Win
(by R.P.Edwards)

It’s all about winning
When winning…is all
When winning is more
Than a plaque on the wall
When losing is death
Destruction and fear
A never forever
A destiny…clear
It’s all about winning
For losing…is dust
And options?…no option
This winning’s…a must

It was 1976; I was a fresh swabbie in the fairly new “volunteer” navy and, attending a training center in San Diego, on this particular day I cheerfully went to the lobby and found the cheapest beverage in the “beer” machine; Pabst Blue Ribbon.  I purchased a “buzz-full” and headed back up to my dorm-like room and proceeded to watch my beloved Yankees get their butts kicked in the World Series.  It wasn’t long after and my allegiance to the ‘Bronx Bombers’ also walked the plank.  I blamed George.

And so, George Steinbrenner--principle owner--‘The Boss’ of the winningest franchise in baseball…is called out on strikes.  In other words: dead.  Now, when I heard the news I wanted to take this event…somewhere;  but I wasn’t sure where.  I thought perhaps I’d explore the mortality angle.  After all, each of us has an appointment with the reaper…and then…judgment.  And, without question, many of the bobbles for which we lust for here…will have no meaning…there.  Or, in the same vein, I thought I might make a corporate jump; how some, in the name of maximum profit, will willingly, gleefully, trample, wreck and ruin any poor slob who gets in their way.  But…instead of the negative side of George; I’m going for the positive.

“Winning is the most important thing in my life, after breathing.”  Thus said Mr. Steinbrenner at one point.  Now, going back to my “I blamed George” comment; the reason why I didn’t care for the Yankee CEO, is that he got rid of the “players” I liked.  You see, to me, the team was made up of personalities, and when these “people” were axed, my “team” was gone.  However, from a distance I certainly can understand the “win at all costs” attitude.  I don’t necessarily agree with it when it comes to sports or business (“all costs” can be brutal) but I understand it.  There is, however, one area where it is dearly needed.  And that is…the country.

Let’s be honest.  The nation, under new management, is headed for oblivion: Out of control spending.  A laughingstock abroad. Nearly non-responsive in the face of crisis. Enacting, or threatening legislation that is pushing us into bankruptcy (fiscal AND moral) and by all accounts promising to continue these “losing” ways.  Yes, what we need is some Steinbrenner hardness.  We, frankly, need to change players; we need--in this next election--to expunge, as many as possible, the enablers in the congress.  For, without the muscle, the manager’s schemes…will lose steam.  Then we at least have the “hope” that we can put this “team” on a winning tack.  A course, I pray, that in many ways mirrors the “winners” that reside in the Big Apple.  The winners…that George built.

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