Friday, July 16, 2010

The Cheaters

The Cheaters
(by R.P.Edwards)

Red herrings and ruses
Liars and cheats
Buying and spying
Opponents to beat
It’s winning by spinning
“Our” power…to steal
And then have the gall
To call themselves … “real”

Really?  Felons in Minnesota voting? For who?

Really? Thugs standing in front of a polling place discouraging citizens from casting the “wrong” ballot?

Really? Primary workers pushing for Mr. O, and discouraging Hillaryites?

Voter fraud; manipulation; deception.  Stealing in it’s vilest form. The rights of citizens trampled.  The Constitution mocked, shredded, defiled.

I am mindful that an election is coming up and I am sure that the “cheaters” will be in full force.  And, before the "they both do it" argument is made (another red herring) let’s put the offenses on the scales of justice…and see which side tips.  The answer is obvious.

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