Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Church under fire

The Agenda
(by R.P.Edwards

Jesus in the crosshairs
Christians under fire
False religious hopefuls
Calling God a liar
Disputing with the doctrine
They choose a different way
Beginning in their sinning
By beginning
"Did God say?"

He (the serpent) said to the woman, "Did God really say...?"
(Genesis 3:1)

In the news; a major denomination joining apostate others by, in essence, saying that it wrong. And, a feeding frenzy of sorts over legislation(s) that some fear will hinder the promotion and acceptance of the gay lifestyle (let's be honest).

Not much to add. The culture has taken a turn that the founders could not have, in their wildest dreams, imagined (again, let's be honest).

So, my somewhat lethargic advice: Christians, offer your services to all and share your love. And, since so much of our turmoil comes from a legislative court; how about the--still a majority of states--band together and do that "constitutional thing" whereby overreachers...are reined in. 


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