Sunday, March 22, 2015

Are you nuts?!!!

Are you nuts?!!!
(by R.P.Edwards)

Mess with Turkey
Mess with Spain
Mess with Thailand and Ukraine
Mess with Norway
Denmark too!
Japan and China
These will do
Mess with Germany
That's just fine
Mess with Russia
Canada, Sweden
Make the list
Great Britain, France
Well, I insist!
Mess with Iran
Korea, North
Don't be afraid
Get up!
Go Forth!
Yes, mess with countries
Far and near
Just mess away
And have no fear!
Every continent!
Every race!
Get in their business!
Get in their face!
Yes, mess with gusto!
Grit and guts!
But mess with Israel?!

Washington will "re-assess," its options concerning Israel and the UN, following the victory of Benjamin Netanyahu in the recent elections.

What exactly does that mean? I get that the Obama administration isn't too pleased with the outcome of said elections, but what does this UN threat flesh out as? NOT voting against one of the numerous resolutions that decry Israeli positions? Voting YES when a resolution appears to recognize the Palestinian state? Removing what little cover the US affords at the "what good is it?" UN headquarters that overlooks the East River?

As the president and his followers barrel ahead with a suspect "deal" with the "not to be trusted" Iranians, the "rift" that this administration has created and broadened with our staunchest middle east ally grows bigger still. As a supporter of Abraham's offspring I am more than appalled and, if the "elected" powers that be in THIS country continue down this disrespectful and DANGEROUS path; perhaps the relief longed for in the 2016 election needs to be hurried. Perhaps "impeachment" is an option after all.



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