Friday, April 10, 2015

Breakout time?

Breakout time?
(by R.P.Edwards)

Breakout time
It's not your skin
It's not the pimples 
On your chin
It's not pubescent
Fear and dread
It's Iran's ambition
Millions Dead

The Federal Investigator had the assurance that the Police Chief (though critically wounded) could answer a few questions before going into surgery to remove the shrapnel from his back and what was left of his right leg.

"Chief Chamberlain, can you hear me? Chief, chief (he leaned close to the blood-smeared left ear) "Sam, Sam, talk to me. Tell me what happened."

The middle-aged chief of police slowly turned his eyes to the voice and his pained expression eased just a bit as doctors and nurses scurried about trying to keep this small-town cop from being added to the list of the already two hundred dead from a madman's killing spree. "Agent glad to see you."

"Sam, what happened?"

"It was Xerxes. That old guy who's been threatening for years to avenge his people. We've been keeping an eye on him. Watching what he bought; where he went. We thought he was all talk."

For a moment the officer's eyes glazed over, but information was essential! Crucial! The Fed shook his old friend as the gurney was nearly ready to go. "Sam! Sam! What happened!"

"Somehow he put together some bombs. Placed them by the police department, the mayor's house, the elementary school. Somehow he got an automatic weapon, body armor (looking directly now into the agent's eyes); honestly, we thought he had nothing; NOTHING! If we knew he had all that stuff we would have taken him in a long time ago..."

"Who stopped him, Sam? Who killed him?"

"He was going for our local synagogue. He hated the Jews. HATED THEM! When he started that way a perfectly placed round went through his skull."

"Who shot it, Sam? Who do I have to thank?"

"It was Bibi. He'd been warning us all along. Should have listened. Should...have...listened..."

Agent Huckabee watched as his old friend was quickly wheeled away. He turned and walked down the crowded hallway as Sirens blared, and helicopters hovered, and all around were the sounds of people screaming, and weeping, and pleading.  He exited the front door and pushed aside the media leeches. "Could have been prevented," he said to himself. And then, before closing the door of his armored SUV he reached down to wipe some of his friend's blood from his patent leathers. "Could have been prevented."


A little fantasy; a small scale prediction of what happens when you measure madmen by "breakout" predictions.  Imagine, knowing that your neighbor wants you dead and its only a matter of time before he has the means to do it. Your solution? Make sure he doesn't put his "kill you" weapon together too soon, even pushing it off to the far future so that it's your kids...he kills.  Absolutely nuts.


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