Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Of Rabbits and Republicans

The Youth
(by R.P.Edwards) 

The "Youth"
They have their good points
Vitality and verve
Passion and compassion
Unmitigated nerve
But often there is ignorance
A blindness in their sway
And choosing these to lead us
Then we'd surely rue the day

It was a Reese's Rabbit (not to be confused with a Rhesus monkey) and, as I peeled away it's outer layer--skinned it, so to speak--the darned thing just kept smiling.

The story: one of my offspring has a "thing" for Reese's peanut butter cups. It's a "go to" gift idea. A no-brainer. However...the proportion of chocolate to peanut butter must be exact. Too much chocolate (which NEVER happens in the normal sized cups) and the offering is rejected. Enter the Easter holiday. Yes, we put in the forefront the resurrection of the Christ, but the wife decided that some candy was in order, AND, a Reese's Rabbit seemed logical for this particular child. Alas, it had too much chocolate, and I, the compassionate fixer, offered to remove the offense (eating as I went, naturally). the poem. Watched a blurb concerning Presidential hopeful, Marco Rubio's thoughts as to gay-marriage and how the "youth" overwhelmingly support it. He sided with his faith. Good for him.

You know, I've spent not a little cyber-ink on the subject; giving my two bits as to how God didn't get it wrong. But...many, especially the young, bend their "believing" another way. 

Here's my point: I don't look to the young...for wisdom (especially if it struts across a university quad). There's a reason there are age requirements for office holders in the Constitution. And, since even I have worn the shoes of a know-it-all know-nothing, I give the "youth" vote little weight. Nothing personal, they just need a few more scars and whiskers. 

Now...back to the rabbit.


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