Monday, March 2, 2015

The Preview

 Got a minute?
(by R.P.Edwards)

I beg your pardon
I mean to live
So could you please
One minute give?
Put down your phone
And cease to chew
The words you hear
Might just 

American Israel Public Affairs Committee..AIPAC. Never heard of it...until today.

I had just returned with my numb-mouthed child (dentist appointment) when I saw on the turned-on telly, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime minster of Israel, addressing the audience of said committee. Now, I knew of the looming address to Congress, but this was a welcome preview. Following is a tiny excerpt:

I've been Prime Minister of Israel for nine years. There's not a single day; not one day that I didn't think about the survival of my country and the actions that I take to ensure that survival; not one day.

I turned to my encouched son and said, "This is part of your school today," and then he and I watched...and listened.

Yes, the world is a dangerous place. Iran, a nation known for terrorist outreaches and the rhetoric of hate is on the verge of building the bomb. Supposedly "we're" negotiating some sort of "slow down cowboy" agreement with the Iranians, but Mr. Netanyahu has been invited to give a perspective born of a people who have sacrificed so much in their fight for survival. A perspective we complacent Americans need to hear.  

I've heard some Democrats may boycott the speech because there was an "offense" at the scheduling. How foolish. The lit match is literally next to the powder-keg and some may stay home over hurt feelings? If they do I hope every voter of conscience takes note and removes these from their seats. 

As I said, the speech is tomorrow, and I look forward to hearing it.


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