Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Another Selma needed

Selma sight
(by R.P.Edwards)

Selma sight
Is needed now
For clarity
And cure
To shock the righteous
Full awake
For actions
And pure
For murder mingles
In our midst
While Christians choose
To sleep
And mercy's measure 
Nears its end
When justice says,
"Now reap!"

At the time of "Bloody Sunday," (a summary) I was a prepubescent white child, living in the north. We didn't have a 24 hour news cycle and, even if we did, I didn't like the news. Sure, there were some black folk around, but I had no idea what kind of hardships others of this race were undergoing in the south.

Well, the other day I somehow became aware of Selma. I suppose it was because of the 50th anniversary; the anniversary of peaceful protestors that were beaten because they thought that "all" men were indeed created equal.

Anyway, I wasn't looking for it, but as I channel surfed I happened across a response by Rev Alveda King (niece to Martin Luther King Jr) to the interviewer's question as to her thoughts concerning President Obama's Selma speech and how things have changed since the actual event 50 years ago. I jotted them down:

...I also heard what the president did not say. Of course many things have changed and we can admit that and we're glad that some things have changed. I'm so delighted that we can all vote; this is America and I urge everyone to get out and vote. However, what the president did not say; there's a whole group of people--over 55 million--who have been denied the right to vote because they've been denied the right to live; the little babies in the womb. Legally, what has changed in the last fifty years; 55 million babies have legally lost their lives by abortion, and denied the right to vote, and yet the largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, is getting 2 million dollars from our tax dollars every day. That's one thing that has changed...However, I believe that its very important for the young people to know, and I'm not going to play the race card; I'm going to play the "In God we Trust" card; I'm going to play the "one nation under God" card; and say, young people, you have a right to life. You have a right to liberty. You have a right to the pursuit of happiness. The doors of opportunities are open. We must vote to ensure that every American, born or unborn, can come through those doors. So, some things have changed. Some things have not...

My thoughts: I watched the president's speech. As usual, it was very well done (a gifted speaker), but, sadly, as is often the case he interwove his extra-biblical views into the oration while, at the same time, seasoning with scripture as if to validate. Shameful. And, to those whose acquaintance with "thus saith the Lord" is superficial, the blasphemous irony is lost; as will our Republic be if a course correction is not soon coming.

Concerning Reverend King's remarks; I have nothing but praise and, on behalf of the multiplied millions whose sacrifice was and is the natural consequence of the pseudo-religion of the Elite. I say to her, "Thank you for giving us a voice."

And concerning the opening poem; Congressman Lewis, in a recent interview, noted that Selma (the pictures of, rather) woke the American people up.  Another Selma awakening, in the area of the plight of the unborn...is needed now.


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