Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Edelweiss and me

Little Songs
(by R.P.Edwards)

Funny how a little song
can weave through castle walls
and find and pierce
the hardest heart
until the castle...falls

Probably at least thirty years, perhaps more since I sang Edelweiss with the autoharp accompaniment. 

The sweet Rodgers and Hammerstein's ballad from "The Sound of Music" (the last joint effort from this talented duo) has been an aid, from time to time, for the calming of infants past and has resurfaced this decade as a lullaby for the first grandchild. And, even now, as he approaches two years of age, it has a way of soothing and quieting the little motor that makes tiny boys run, and jump, and cry, and resist the pillow's call.

Anyway, it's usually sung with the tyke in my arms, but I thought a simple rendition with the autoharp would be nice for the internet. Depending how long the thing stays intact (meaning cyberspace) it may be a source of pleasant memories...for years to come.

Thanks again to Oscar and Dick and especially to the author of all things good.


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