Saturday, September 6, 2014

Little Eyes

Little eyes
Looking up at me
I hope love is what you see
Little eyes

(from the song, Little Eyes, by R.P.Edwards)

Another song saved from extinction. Located in a apple-collection bag (as in: initially a holder of apples from an orchard visit long ago), another cassette was found amongst the jumbled others in the basement. It was one of those black, unlabeled types, bought in bulk and, in this case, used in a small recording studio on the outskirts of Fresno, California. 1980's.

The backstory (as best I can remember it). Around the mid-decade (80's) there was a solicitation for songs having to do with the pro-life movement. Don't remember how I heard of it, but a song was made and submitted (not chosen). My two oldest sons were mere tots at the time (one, a pre-toddler). They served as inspiration.

Sometime later I was working towards a degree in Radio/Television Broadcasting at CSU Fresno  (Why? Well I figured my talents would lend themselves to this area [How did that work out?...I'm currently a steelworker.]). At class one day I heard a fellow student mention an internship at a local recording studio. Not long after I found myself at said establishment, quickly discovering that the nuts and bolts of the process were not so much in my skill-set. 

Anyway, the owner was a fine and patient fellow and, as a thank-you at the end of the semester he quickly put "Little Eyes" together (a talented individual, he added keyboard and guitar). He made me some cassettes (with, and without vocals) and, in the course of time, the song has been sung at a few baby dedications. Alas, the accompaniment tape is now missing. 

As an aside: hoping the song could be used SOMEHOW, I gave it to the local Children's Hospital (Now, Children's Hospital Central California). Called a couple years back to see if they minded if I youtubed it. (Uh...go ahead ["Who is this guy?"]).

My son collected a few pictures (am I really that old?) and my first grandson takes the place of ALL the precious children in our lives. If you click the closed caption feature, the lyrics are listed.  Enjoy.


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