Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Here's hoping...

(by R.P.Edwards)

I believe in conversions
Who, through revelation
Saw self-made towers...fall
Eyes divinely opened
To see
Then kneel 
And turn
Then walk a new direction
The old direction...spurn
With knowledge born of bonding
With He whose way is light
To suddenly see contrast
Between the wrong...and right
To cease from fruitless labor
Amazing grace, receive
To know the righteous standing 
For those who just believe

Yes, I'm a believer in conversions. It's that light-bulb, ah ha!, now I see it! moment in a person's life when divine revelation is--usually by desperate invitation--given from above.

Along this line some of the more famous historical converts are mentioned in the poem. For instance, John Newton; the vile former slave trader who, after conversion, penned the most famous Christian hymn, Amazing Grace. Also, Martin Luther, who, after travailing over the seemingly unattainable goal of earning God's righteousness, his eyes were divinely opened to the liberating Biblical truth of salvation without works (again, amazing grace). And then there's the Apostle Paul, who, frankly, seemed quite content in his zealous persecution of the followers of the Nazarene until the Lord showed up and abruptly put an end to his spiritual blindness (temporarily blinding him in the process, Acts 9). Yes, conversion; each genuine believer has one and, although "earning" is not a part of the experience, the "works" that follow give evidence to the work...within.

So, why this little blurb about the "turning?" Well, as this humble offering is written mere hours before the president addresses the nation as to his "strategy" to deal with an evil in the east, I am (perhaps naively) hoping that a deeper work is being done in the chief executive. Often a subject of prayer, I know that the Commander in Chief has been in the crucible of late and, as the pestle of monumental problems has been increasing grinding on his psyche, I am hoping, hoping! that the "Christianity" he professes becomes a genuine joining with the enabler of kings. Yes, that like some before him (President wise) he lay bare his very human soul to the omnipotent being that can then...lift him up.

Here's hoping...

By-the-way, a final verse to the poem...

So take heart, fellow pilgrim
For they who scoff at true
Conversion suddenly appears
Just like it did
For you


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