Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pot Pies...and I

Memory lane
(by R.P.Edwards)

I took a trip
Down memory lane
Sent there
By a snack
A simple time
When truth…was true
And issues
White, or black
Morality…was measurable
And right and wrong
In stone
And then I traveled
Back again
This swamp
That we call


Like those stone slabs that offer a covering to corpses in crypts, I slid the lid of the deep freeze and peered deep into and then, arm full in, shuffled the frosty contents which layered the prehistoric bottom.  Oh, at one time this convenience had hinges, and opened in a more civilized fashion.  But, that was years ago and, since this repair is non-essential (unlike the previous post) it can wait…forever.  Aha! There…stuck fast near the joining of the planes…an ancient pot pie.  Why, I haven’t had one of these in years!  In fact…it brings back some fond memories.

Way back when, in the sixties and seventies, mom would have a “pot pie” dinner for the six (as in ‘kids’). These morsels, however (unlike today’s version) were embraced by a foil bowl, and only suitable to be cooked…in the oven.  And, being the thrifty sort that she was (and is) she’d save many of these holders and use them for snack disbursement…such as popcorn (also cooked the old fashion way).

Ah…a simpler time.  Sure, there were problems, but the under girding foundations of morality and traditional values…were the same for the left and the right.  And so, as I sat in front of the antenna fed television on a Sunday night with my pot-pie bowl of popcorn, the foundation of my then society was, for the most part…strong.  Life, marriage, right, wrong, truth, error…solid.

Enter…the swamp.  Where morality is malleable.  Where truth…is transient.  Where airy words have sway…and then we, we all…must pay.  Oh, to be sure, the fantasy land, the fairy tale believers have always been among us.  But, they used to mainly congregate in the hallowed subsidized halls where titles and the honors of men abound.  Where godlessness is virtue.  Where fleshly reachings are applauded, and where, for some reason, parents are quick to send their tenders to be molded and bent…by fools.  Yes, error has always been there, but now it’s tendrils reach everywhere.  And…with the weaving of words…we believe. 

The problem is, like the all-encompassing fog of the pre-dawn, the lies cannot withstand the blazing light of truth.  Unfortunately (for they, the many whose righteous covering is only the opaque mist), when the heat comes…their inadequacy appears.  And the many who trusted them; believed in them; gave themselves to them…these suffer the fate of the naïve.

And so gays are now openly welcomed in the military.  The media says it’s a ho-hum, no big deal.  And why wouldn’t they? This is their belief.  Their truth.  But, as a former sailor who once quartered with eighteen in a very small space, I know, I KNOW, that lust unleashed will cause division, decay, debauchery, destruction.  And, just because the dream-weavers have written a beautiful novel with a fairy tale ending, history testifies; NO, SCREAMS!, that ideas based solely on man’s mettle will suffer the fate and destiny of man…the grave.



David Walker said...

Shared on my FB page Mr. Edwards....thank you for writing it. I too have those memories that molded me in a clear and simple time. They have stood the test for me, and are carried on by my daughter who will no doubt filter out tomorrow's noise when it becomes her turn at being a mother.

R.P. Edwards said...

Thank you, David. God bless you, and all who strive to teach, through action and word, the "real" truth, which, as you have said, will stand the test...of time.