Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Coming for Tea

Tea Party Debate
(by R.P.Edwards)

“In this corner!”
Almost said
Each contestant read
To win the prize
Obama out
With blackened eyes
But first they battle
For the chance
They bob and weave
And dance the dance
Perry’s pummeled
Raining fists
The lessers rail
And bring their lists
Santorum’s feisty
Newt is nice
Bachmann’s tough
And Paul adds spice
He loves the number nine
Huntsman, Romney
Tout their spine
“This I’ll do!”
And “This they’ve done!”
“For the answer
I’m the one!”
A rousing party
Delightful tea
Yes, tasty fare
For such…as me

Recorded the latest Republican debate on Monday, and digested it today.  I speak, naturally, of the one hosted by Wolf Blitzer and CNN, and held at the Florida State Fairgrounds in front of a bunch of Tea Partiers. 

Honestly…I loved it.  Rather than some kind of snobby gathering in the anemic north, this…was a show.  And, much like the beginnings of any pay-per-view extravaganza there was pomp and stomp.  The nicknames --“The Firebrand,” “The Fighter,” “The Big Thinker”-- the large glistening stage and the rousing rendition of the national anthem.  Now that’s more like it.

My impression?  Perry was beaten up a bit, but still stands.  The others seemed strong and predictable but, surprisingly, I’m beginning to warm up to Governor Huntsman (“The Diplomat!”) and find myself wishing he would, due to some of his “social” stands, gently switch parties and run against President Obama for the democratic nomination.

And so, resigning myself to my middle-aged mindset, I look forward to the next contest.  Football? Nay. It’s debate season…and the teams are jockeying for position.  I’m ready for the playoffs.  Bring 'em on!


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