Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mindful Be

Please read the portion below, and then return to listen
(by R.P.Edwards)

All around
The weeping ones
We pass…and feel no pain
O Lord
Give eyes
Let love
To heal
In Jesus

I woke up with it going through my head.  A mournful tune I first heard over forty years ago; a part of a Christmas special titled, “Mr Magoo’s Christmas Carol.”  The young scrooge was in his boarding school…and very much alone.  I remember it still.

Funny, you wouldn’t think cartoon fare could move one but, through that innocent medium a boy became thoughtful of things beyond his toys and trivialities. 

There have been a couple deaths in the family lately; one, physical; the other…deeper.  And, since we all sip of the cup of despair from time to time I’ll not dwell on my portion, other than to say to myself, and to you, dear reader; let us be mindful of the precious souls in our midst.  Those many that we pass by and pass with to our inevitable end.  For you see, in our many daily greetings there may be sorrow behind the smile; hurting behind the hello; and, if we’re too self-centered, too self absorbed…we’ll miss it.  And with the missing…we miss our reason to remain…and do His works; works that may include a hand, a hug, a shared tear, and the lessening of a terrible, crushing weight.  Yes, let us be mindful; mindful of what’s really important in this life.  Now, if you will…please listen to the song.


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