Friday, February 18, 2011

Wisconsin Whiners

Cheese heads?
(by R.P.Edwards)

You won the Super Bowl
Wisconsin, that’s enough
Rounding up your mouthy mobs
Talking tall, and tough
Wah! You hate the cutbacks
But voters had their say
So suck it up
And do your jobs
Before Pittsburgh…mobs Green Bay

In an unprecedented move the final score of the latest Super Bowl was reversed, making the winningest team in Super Bowl History--The Pittsburgh Steelers--able to boast of not just “six” championship titles, but now… “Seven.”

When the news was first announced the general consensus of pundits and populace was that some gross infraction had been discovered--in other words, cheating--was in play.  But no, commissioner Roger Goodell (a bit disheveled due to some heavy handling) made it clear that it was not the game itself that determined the final outcome; but rather an enormous mob of Pittsburgh fans that had descended on Green Bay and, after taking over Lambeau field, these had demanded this extraordinary action.  Their spokesman declared, “Yes, we don’t dispute the score, but, doggone it!, we deserve it!, it’s hurting our tourist and trinket industry and, if we don’t get our way this backward state will rue the day…they came to play!”

Commissioner Goodell (straightening his tie and smoothing his jacket) went on to say that although the unruly malcontents had also demanded the revered Lombardi Trophy be renamed after Pittsburg icon, Chuck Noll; this, he said defiantly, he simply would not do.


Without delving too deeply into the wherewithal’s (because, frankly, I don’t feel like it) I have been forced to notice that there is an upheaval in what should be the happy state (duh…Super Bowl?) of Wisconsin.  Why? Because the Republican Governor and likeminded majority in the houses…are waiting to pass some legislation that will help the Badger State get into the black.  In other words: live within their means.

Yeah, I’ve heard the chief executive passed some tax cuts (to inspire business, says he) and that the Union employees attached to the government teat are being asked to tighten the belt substantially but, apparently the general populace of Wisconsin wanted this fellow and his plans…to have sway.  Thus, “majority rule” comes to mind.

Enter now…the mobs.  Apparently the teacher’s Union is quite upset; so much so that many of the “mentors” are playing hooky (“do as I say, not as I do”) and there is an influx of my AFL-CIO buddies (I am a Steelworker, after all) adding their loud AMEN! to the tea-pot tempest…turmoil.  Hoping, naturally, to twist arms.  And then (this is so rich) some of the democrat electees are on the lam; in other words; not to be found.  They won’t let the majority have a quorum in order to vote.

Okay, my measured take:  Unions.  I’m a Union member.  I like the idea of representation.  I like the idea of a “stand alongside” guy who will come to your defense.  Why? Because contrary to the beliefs of some; humankind is a “fallen” race; with a tendency towards…evil. Indeed, that’s why we have laws.  Anyway, locally I like the Union, but nationally…not so much.  Why? Because they continually chafe against my Christian values (I.e. they are always supporting candidates who are anti-life and weak on the traditional family) and, I figure if you’re wrong in the God issues; well, your other paths are bound to edge ever towards the cliff. 

But, above and beyond the pesky “Christian thing,” the PEOPLE of Wisconsin elected these guys!  That means they must want them to do what they said they’d do.  So, let them have at it and, if it doesn’t work out; vote somebody else in! 

Listen, I live in Illinois.  My reelected governor and I do not see eye to eye on many things. But, he and his…are in.  So, they’ll do what they do and, if we slide further into the abyss (as I suspect we will) perhaps my learned neighbors will reevaluate their decision…via the ballot box.  But, I’m certainly not going to march to Springfield and stamp my feet. 

So Wisconsin…man up!  Representatives…come back.  Teachers…go teach.  Give the Gov a chance and, if it doesn’t work out; vote he, and they, out.  And, oh my, what a shame that the sweet victory of the Packers has been erased by the actions…of the mob.

For your amusement; the video "The American Kings" (a commentary on the Supreme Court) has been reworked.  Enjoy:  The American Kings



Wesley Sargent said...

Great Analogy between the SuperBowl win, changing the score and the Mob Rule. I was thinking some of the same thoughts...this isn't going to help all the tourism trade to visit Lambeau Field and the Dells this summer!

Leona Salazar said...

I liked your article very much. The fact that the voters in Wisconsin chose this Governor to do what he says he would do is a fact that seems to have escaped the whiners. I didn't vote for our President and I don't like his policies but he was voted in and I now have to wait until next year to see if he's voted out. I'm not in D.C. throwing a tantrum every time he signs something into law I don't like. I'll have my chance at the ballot box.

R.P. Edwards said...

I agree, Wes. However, there are some Green Bay fans who will not be dissuaded (I know one). I just find it sad that the joyful aura associated with the state, because of the the Super Bowl win, is now erased because of...the mob.

R.P. Edwards said...

Thanks for the comment, Leona. I suppose it's not the "organizing" per se, but the arrogance associated with it. "We know better."