Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ode to Chicago

Ode to Chicago
(by R.P.Edwards)

Here’s to Chicago
The thorn in our side
Dragging us under
Out with the tide
The boil on our buttocks
The wart on our nose
Demanding attention
Wherever it goes
Here’s to Chicago
Corruption assumed
Downstate convictions
Are ballot box, doomed
Declaring a mandate
A nod and a wink
Proclaiming sweet fragrance
While sniffers cry, STINK!
Here’s to Chicago
Lincoln betrayed
Pity the president
In Illinois laid
Touted by pundits
But by actions, disowned
Perhaps ol’ Kentucky
Should bring their son…home

A bit of frustration.  We, of the “other” Illinois, are pushed once again through the Cook County mold.  Alas, no matter our conservative tendencies (fiscally, and in “right and “wrong”), the northern kingdom rules.  And so, taxes rise and leftward morality is given the “Lincoln approved” stamp. 

And so, if you want ease in your abortion; come to Illinois.  If you want the “marriage” label expanded to include your sexual whim; come to Illinois.  But, if you want lower taxes; perchance to plant and grow a business; don’t come to Illinois.  You’re not welcome. 

The local forecast, here, in southern Illinois, is a plunging thermometer.  A bitter, biting, possibly killing cold.  And it comes, as usual; from the north.


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