Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Doctor's excuse?

The Land of Gray
(by R.P.Edwards)

Nothing here
Is black and white
We live in shades of gray
And darkness never fully comes
Nor glaring light…of day
You see, we love opinion
And ours, the filter true
But one day “ours”
Will bow…to His
And then…what will…we do?

Just a quick blurb before I head out to the job. 

Doctor.  The word/occupation evokes (at least it used to) thoughts of dedication, education, expertise, integrity, nobility, trustworthiness…healing.  Alas, as we mature we have become aware that the selfless profession is not always occupied by such.  There are quacks, frauds, opportunists, phonies and fiends and, although we hold to the belief that these are the exception, we are ever reminded that fallen flesh, in hospital garb or no, is still…fallen flesh.

Enter the “docs” at the Wisconsin brouhaha who have been caught merrily going about giving “doctor’s excuses” to the many who don’t want to be penalized for missing work in order to harangue the governor over--what they consider an untoward act--his pledge to balance the budget (yes, yes, the whole collective bargaining thing too, which he feels is part of the “necessity”).

So, we have polished medical professionals, symbols of sanctimony, acting immorally (it’s called “lying”) in order to combat the distasteful (though upfront and “legal”) acts of duly elected officials.  I guess it’s the old “the ends justify the means” kind of thing and, sadly, it is merely one more confirmation that our nation’s ills…begin in the soul.

However, on the lighter side (since “shades of gray” is the theme) perhaps the mental anguish caused by the actions of the few (governor and kind) are indeed a proper pretext for the physician’s script.  Yeah, that’s it; mental anguish, anxiety, depression; all valid reasons for some time off to convalesce.  And, while we’re at it, perhaps a prescription for Prozac should be included.


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