Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some Advice for Speaker Boehner

Got a light?
(by R.P.Edwards)

“Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!”
A once common phrase
Now gone with the wind
Along with the haze
Today we love bodies
And to hell with the soul
We primp and we pamper
Till we’re laid…in the hole

John Boehner, the Cary Grantish congressman from Ohio.  Born second of twelve, growing up in a smallish house with one bathroom (ugh), started working in the family bar…at 8, elected to congress in 1990, distinguished  himself, elected speaker, then minority leader, and now to be speaker again…and…and…a smoker.

Smokes and Cokes.  That was the name of the little breaks that served as a carrot to we bald headed boys as we were relentlessly marched, and exercised, and instructed; being molded into a cohesive military unit…in boot camp.  Yes, we’re talking over thirty years ago and, although smoking was considered a vice, unhealthy, smelly, it was not the “sin” it has become. 

I learned that Mr. Boehner was a Barclay burner as an aside in the “Juan Williams” story, a week back.  Juan mentioned that his wife was a smoker and, as such, she went to the public quarantine spot outside a restaurant and got to know a congressman named John.  She liked him.

And I was thinking; and…drawing on the utter hypocrisy of the elite that constantly beat the drum against tobacco while, at the same time they joyously rip babies to shreds even as they promote a “lifestyle” that can slice twenty years off a practitioner's life; yes, I was thinking, “What could Mr. “smoker” Boehner do in the short term to counter the PC crappola?”  Solution:  Reinstate the smoking policy in the Speaker's Lobby.  You see, this comfy hall was a refuge for the “hated” class and, Ms Pelosi, when she took the reigns, she wanted to lead by example and ban the evil weed.  Mr. Boehner (although he's said he wouldn’t) should relight the smoking lamp (at least in some degree) to make a statement that “substance” has at long last arrived and, if perchance the President wants to stop by, he and the speaker can sit down on the leather chairs, share a match, and put their heads together…for our good.

Conclusion:  Do I advocate smoking?  No.  But, in the priorities of Good and Evil; what say we start with the heart (the spirit) and work out from there.

* In the above piece I alluded to the health hazards of homosexuality.  Be anti-pc, and read a substantiating article by Nathaniel S. Lehrman, M.D.,  Homosexuality: some neglected considerations

 * Back in my “layoff” days I visited the smoker subject.  Here’s a link: The Smoker


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