Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tired of Kings

Tired of tyrants
(by R.P.Edwards)

Tired of Kings
Gavels in hand
Tired of rulings
Shifting as sand
Tired of babies
Having their way
Propped up by bullies
With money to pay
Tired of truth
Bowing to lies
Tired revisions
Exalted on high
But till we’re “all” tired
The errors will stay
Till “all” find their voices
The tyrants…will play

“To conclude, your honor, we find the venue…offensive.  Though subtle, it is unquestionably an endorsement of religion.  And, your honor, as has been established, it is unconstitutional for the state to hold one belief higher than another.” His dissertation done, the plaintiff’s hired legal-eagle turned, slowly walked to his seat and sat down even as the middle-aged jurist leaned back and, with eyes closing till closed, rocked ever so slightly as he weighed the value and merit…of each argument.  Without recess (this judge was known for speed) after a two minute pause, he spoke:  “Having weighed the arguments of both sides and viewing them through the lens of legal precedent, I find the plaintiffs complaint that using the local VFW hall for a high school graduation is indeed a violation of ’Church and State.’”  [at the words, murmurs of surprise and protest waft in from the gallery until gaveled away by the now standing jurist]  “As I was saying,” he continued, “since the hall in question is, by its very nature, a gathering place for those who have a common belief in justifiable homicide; this ‘faith’ falls under the broad umbrella of religion.  Therefore…no graduation!”

My absurd example (above) is only slightly more ludicrous than the reasoning of a Connecticut judge who has forbidden two local high schools from “renting” a large church auditorium for their common graduation ceremony.  Why did they want to rent it?  Because it was big enough, and the price was right.  Why was there a complaint?  Because it was a church and a few sensitive souls couldn‘t stand the thought that this venue, even if an effort was made to cover religious symbolism, might be perceived as favoring one religion over another, thereby violating the “not in the document” separation of Church and State.

I ask you; aren’t we sick of this kind of thing? Aren’t we tired of the endless twisting of our sacred foundational scroll to satisfy the whims of the godless elite?  It continues to amaze me how words that were meant to restrict the Federal Government; the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!, have been worried, and worn, and weaseled to find their slithering way down to little Joan and Johnnies ear, lest they somehow be taught that there is meaning behind the phrase found in the Declaration of Independence… “the Supreme Judge of the World.”

So, the solution.  Again, vouchers.  Give parents a choice which belief or non-belief they want their child exposed to.  And, maybe, when it comes to practical things like “renting a hall,” maybe we shouldn’t be so thin-skinned. 

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

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