Saturday, June 5, 2010

The SS St Louis; anniversary...of shame

The SS St Louis…and our shame
(by R.P.Edwards)

In our faded memory
The thousand
On the rail
In the sight of freedom
Forced to onward sail
Seeking safe asylum
Fleeing Satan’s breath
Asking for a future
But given, fear…and death
So, waken sons of freedom!
Repent of fathers deed
Embrace the Jewish nation
Align with arm and creed
And stand against the tyrants
Their raging, “Zion die!”
And fight to guard the promise
The apple…of His eye

“It was a dirty bomb, or, rather, several.” The expert (a mid-twenties male sporting a NY Yankee ball cap to go along with his jeans, sandals, and tie-dye T); a nuclear physicist from the Weizmann Institute of Science, stood, turned off his heretofore chirping Geiger Counter and, looking into the face of the detective in charge, repeated and amplified.  “This homicide bomber, and the three others, no doubt, were each carrying a small, yet significant amount of fissile material.  Thus, when they blew themselves up…a dirty bomb.”  As the realization took hold the lieutenant began to anxiously look about as if trying to find a newspaper in an unexpected deluge.  The young professor, seeing this, smirked as he placed the instrument in its carrying bag and then, patting the officer on the side of the shoulder before gently lifting an opened pack of Camels from the policeman’s shirt pocket, he held it up to gain focus and said, “These will kill you long before the radioactivity from this incident.”  Putting them back, he continued, “It’s more psychological than anything.  Just the thought of the defilement and the tedious methods needed to clean it up.  It’s terrorism in its vilest form.” “But…but,” the detective stammered, “where did they get the material?”  The PHD slung the bag over his shoulder, grabbed a Butterfinger from a side pouch and, after an audible crunch, he chewed, turned, and said while walking away, “No doubt the ending of the blockade brought in the stuff.”  Then, looking back for the final thought, and using the half eaten bar as a pointer he said, “Remember, in their religion it’s acceptable to lie to your enemy.  And brother, lie…they did.” Then, turning to go he added, “We were stupid enough to bow to international pressure and this is what it gets us.  But, believe me, general, next time…you won‘t need a Geiger Counter.  Next time…there won‘t be anything, or anyone left…to care.”

I was musing over the whole ‘flotilla’ thing and the world’s outcry against Israel protecting their space.  And, in my internet wandering I came across the incident in 1939 when a ship named, St. Louis, was carrying nearly a thousand Nazi-escaping Jews to Cuba.  They were turned away and, sadly, shamefully, they were also repulsed from the “give me your huddled masses” United States.  Yes, these desperate refugees were forced back to Europe. And, although many survived the war; quite a number were murdered by Hiltler. Their deaths; their blood, is on “our” hands.

Here’s my thoughts: Without embarrassment or apology our support of Israel must be more than just placating words and half-hearted gestures (Oh, how we‘ve had enough of those!)  Indeed, our understanding of the common “tie” between us must be more than just “Democracies stick together.” You see, there’s a reason why the children of Zion have been ever under attack, persecuted, and murdered over the years.  And the reason…is spiritual.  And, although we’ve temporarily chosen leaders whose “Christian-speak” is merely a means to an end; we must--those who understand the battle--we must! garner aid for Abraham‘s children.  For, if we neglect them, again; if we deny them, again; if we abandon them, again; their fate…will be our own.

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

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