Monday, June 21, 2010

Pesky Facts

Pesky facts
(by R.P.Edwards)

Don’t trouble me with pesky facts
I’m happy in my lie
I think it’s “so”
And “so,” I say
A happy fool, am I
But facts?
They’re so derisive
So damning to my cause
A blanket on my fiery rant
A robber of applause
And so I add another lie
To keep the first in view
I lie about the pesky facts
And call the liar…

 Not very long ago there was a “Susan G. Komen race for the cure” in St Louis, Missouri.  Accentuating the deadly disease of Breast Cancer, and the need for a solution, this race attracted over seventy thousand  sympathetic souls.  Among the many were quite a few survivors and, as the finish line was approached, some were met by a simple banner held by a couple of fearless women  from a local pro-life ministry that goes by the name of “Small Victories.”  The banner read; “Abortion is a cause of breast cancer.  Why aren’t women being told?” A website was included and, as you might expect, these “intruders” were not well received.

Now, I followed some of the internet bread crumbs (the free ones) and it appears, indeed, that the increase in breast cancer cases in recent years may very well be due, at least in part, to abortion.  But, instead of an open, comprehensive review and debate; there is silence.  Why?  Well, the answer, it seems to me, is as simple as…ideology.  Yes, because there is a rigid “belief” that abortion--that wonderful right of a woman to become ‘unpregnant’--  couldn’t possibly have dangerous side effects; well, all studies to the contrary are vigorously opposed.  And, not only opposed, but the authors or initiators of such studies are often impugned, or, at very least, marginalized.  Apparently, whatever the cost, the accepted “truth” must stand; even if the well known “fact“ is not a fact…at all.  And so, more and more women are sacrificed.  Yes, being denied important information about what their ’choice’ may lead to…some have died, with more, surely, to follow.

Of course, this “rallying around the wrong” is not limited to abortion.  We, time and time again, have seen it on many fronts.  Those who dare question evolution are ignorant rubes.  Those who fail to proclaim the wholesomeness of Homosexuality…are homophobes.  Those who choose to home-school their children border on “child abuse.”  Those who question the leadings of Islam are bigots. And, even in the work place the “lie” must be maintained.  Indeed, the perception of safety and compliance must be bulwarked…even when the “facts” say otherwise.  And so, the Gulf fills with oil and coal mines blow up and, to maintain the “lie”…people have, and will, die.

So, I guess the conclusion is…courage.  We need--like those two brave souls at the Susan G. Komen Race (‘three’ including a cameraman)--people of backbone and conviction.  People willing to buck the blather and bologna.  Patriots willing to stand up to the bullies and bomb-throwers.  And, if these arise; if these count the cost and come, well, maybe, just maybe; maybe then “truth” and “facts” will truly become…truth…and facts.

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And how about one more poem:

To Keep a Lie
(by R.P.Edwards)

To keep the lie
To keep it strong
Proclaim the “truth”
That right, is wrong
And not just once
A single say
But on and on
And day by day
For lies, though tall
Have feet of clay
And need support
Along the way
Lest truth expose
And show to all
And thus revealed…
The lies would fall

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Wesley Sargent said...

The ironic truth is how much money Komen for the Cure gives in grants to Planned's often overlooked by Pro-Lifer's who support the's a shame when we compromise the good by overlooking the harm...that's called a lack of integrity. Komen doesn't hide the fact that they provide funds to PP, but instead rationalize it, because as they state - they are assured their grants do not go to fund abortions.

R.P. Edwards said...

Thanks Wes,
"Integrity" and "Rationalizing". And I ask myself, "How many times have I 'rationalized' things?" Hopefully, as time goes on, there is more of one, and less of the other.