Wednesday, June 23, 2010

General Remarks

General Remarks
(by R.P.Edwards)

“Take this Job, and shove it!”
That’s what he’s gonna hear
Oh sure, I’ll clean it up a bit
But the meaning, will be clear
I’ve had enough of bureaucrats
These pencil necks, and geeks
These virgin eared aristocrats
Offended, when I speak
Yeah, take this job and stick it!
Go find another toy
Someone who will play your game
A windup soldier boy
But me?
I am so outta here!
I got no time to lose
I got this gig in cable land
I’m a ‘talker’ …on Fox news

And so General McChrystal, the head guy over operations in Afghanistan is being called on the carpet; that is, the carpet in the oval office.  Apparently he and his aides said a few not so nice things about current political folk in a Rolling Stone interview.  “Words” that are going to do more damage to the General than any military hardware he has faced.

You know, I’ve got mixed feelings about Afghanistan.  Of course, nothing but praise for our defenders, and a ready acknowledgment that “this” rugged real estate was the place where the bad guys were, and might reform if we’re not diligent, but I’m just not sure the “win the people over” strategy is going to work here. 

Anyway, apparently General McChrystal is a warrior of worth.  A no-nonsense commander who is determined…to win.  However, his tongue muscle, so it seems, isn’t quite as conditioned as the rest of his hardened physique.

And so, he’s called to stand before the Prez for some not-so-flattering remarks made in a Rolling Stone piece.  And, because of these, he may very well lose his job.  And, although I think it’s absurd to cast excellent officers aside because they unwisely speak their mind from time to time; I do have a tiny bit of solace in the knowledge that in our Republic the military answers to the elected government.  Might I suggest, however, that next time… make sure the “Generals” have better handlers. 

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Wesley Sargent said...

The irony in today's post is that Gen. McChrystal voted for the guy who just relieved him. I'm not sure when that fact became public knowledge...I just heard that, for what I believe to be the first time, yesterday.

That fact makes me question some things that I am not at liberty to publish at this time....

I wonder if Gen. Petraeus ever stated who he voted for in 2008. If I was in a position to give him advice, I'd probably tell him it's best to just keep it to himself.

R.P. Edwards said...

I was wondering what you might think about the situation. As for Gen. Patraeus; If he wasn't going to keep his "vote" to himself, he surely